Meet The Team:

Gavin Weir

I am a fitness and nutrition coach. I have been working as a 1-1 coach since 2011 specialising in transformations, fat loss and lean muscle building.

I am fully qualified by the Shredded By Science Academy and level 3 Personal Training along with Pre & Post Natal, Sports Nutrition and many other qualifications ranging from Kettlebells, Plyometrics and Strength and conditioning.

Looking to use a science based but realistic approach with my clients. I like to find out what works for each individual. I strive to help my clients get the most out of themselves in terms of training, nutrition and mindset and look to help them build habits for the 23 hours of the day out with their training session.

As an Online Coach and for the last 4 years I have worked with clients in the Scotland, England, Ireland, America, Dubai, Azerbaijan and New Zealand helping them reach their goals.

I have also worked as an in person 1-1 PT for 8 years the experience I have built up in over 10,000 1-1 PT sessions has given me the tools needed to work efficiently online.

In 2021 I formed Evolve Coaching. As a group our main aim is to impact as many people as possible and teaching them about all areas of fitness, nutrition and mindset towards reaching their goals.

Rachel Moody

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